EDTech 597

This is my 6th course within my M.E.T. program at Boise State, completed during summer 2013.

This course is all about blogging.  Because I have blogged throughout this course.  I have not written about each module.  I will include the link to the blog used for this course.  And have some explanation on the activities that were done throughout this class.

Blogging in the Classroom

Blog Request– This activity required the learners to write a request to the principal/superintendent on allowing the use of blogging in the school.

Blog Entries– We blogged each week using different kinds of blogging so we had a variety of ways to blog within the subject matter of our choosing.

Classroom Blogging– Part of the class was to look and respond to the other learners within the class and what they blogged about.  We created discussions and communication through our comments written on each others blogs.

Blogging Activity– As learners we needed to come up with an activity that would use blogging as the main tool.  We then needed to provide a comprehensive lesson plan on what that activity would look like and how to use it.

Microblogging– Microblogging that we used during class was the use of twitter.  This was a tool to keep each other informed and to learn about another tool that can be used for educational purposes.

Blogging Plan- This is a two month plan on what we will blog about in the next two months.  We needed to write out what days, subjects and ideas we will blog about for the months of August and September, showing our ideas of implementing what we’ve learned in this course this summer.


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