7. Refect and Perfect

This week we took some time to slowly go over our project, add anything we think is missing, and cover any mistakes that have been made.  It was also a week to look over another classmates project.  We didn’t look at each others projects very much throughout this course.  Because of that, we haven’t received any ideas from our peers.  Some students looked at others work, just for ideas and to see how projects were coming, but this was not required on a regular basis.

Through peer help, creators had the chance to see their own project through someone else’s eyes and correct anything else that needed fixed.  Communication helps perfect projects to make sure it makes sense to future teacher’s that may use the project.

These are the questions asked to ponder as we worked throughout this week:

  1. Who will you involve in the process?
  2. What will your process look like?
  3. Is it just a one-time assessment?

My project is really geared for multi-teacher/subject use, it is very important to get the input of the other teachers participating in the project.  I see projects very similar to curriculum in that the first year is never as good as the second, third, or fourth year using it.  The time it takes to create a great project, I hope we would use it several times and in each use, it would definitely need to change along with the students using it.  A really good project is an activity that future students would be excited to get to participate in when they are old enough.  My own children are looking forward to the sixth grade science fair, and thinking about what they want to research.  They have over 3 years before it is their turn on the project.  However, it’s so exciting to them, they can’t wait to participate.  I hope the project is similar.

Because this project uses several teachers it is important to keep all minds open to all opinions and ideas as the project is developed on a yearly basis.  This allows for other projects to be developed and team work to be modeled.

I do not see one assessment as being enough for a project.  Not only do the students need to share their input in class, but teachers need to come together once again and share their own input on how well the project went and to take notes on changes that need to take place the next time the project is implemented.  With the project written down along with yearly notes, each time the project is done, it should improve.



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