3. Developing A Project Idea

This week we got right into it.  Using a template created by Dr. Rice, we’ve started creating our own PBL project.  At this stage, I’m thinking of population growth.  I have a very wide topic so far.  I’m allowing different team teaching ideas.  If I wanted to work with the history teacher, we could concentrate on different cultural populations.  The curriculum we study, looks at India, China, and Brazil. We could study the changes in the populations throughout the years.  Another idea would be to work with the science teacher and look at wild animals.  We could even compare wild verses captured animals.  More than likely this would also include comparing exponential (wild) and linear (captured) equations and lines.  Or we could go the route of looking into micro organisms.  We use this as a topic in the exponential growth section of our curriculum as well.

I don’t know if it would be better for me to totally narrow it down and pick one way to go, or to keep it open so it is easier for any teacher to fit their needs.  I’m stuck at this point with this dilemma.  However, I’m sure within a few days, I will be required to pick and choose the direction I will go.

Part of creating the basics for our projects includes creating a driving question.  Since my project is so wide open at this moment, my question is as well.  So far I’ve received opinions that it is too open and I need to narrow it down.  Make it more distinct.  I’m waiting for the okay from Dr. Rice on this one.

I have yet to create the entry activity to get the kids excited about the project.  I think this will help me narrow down my question and the direction I will take as well, depending on what I can find and the time I’m willing to spend on the activity.

Here is a link to the different parts of what we have done so far.  The project, at this point, includes the welcome page and the overview of what our project involves.  I also created a graphic organizer, which is at the bottom of my overview page.

graphic organizer

PBL project (this address will change when I am no longer a student at BSU)


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