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Bull, G., Ferster, B., & Kjellstrom, W. (2012). Inventing the Flipped Classroom. Learning & Leading with Technology, 40(1), 10–11.

Dreon, O., Kerper, R. M., & Landis, J. (2011). Digital Storytelling: A Tool for Teaching and Learning in the YouTube Generation. Middle School Journal, 42(5), 4–9.


4 thoughts on “Video Blog

  1. Jaime,

    I enjoyed your video blog very much! You did an excellent job of presenting some of the advantages of using multimedia in the classroom and I liked how you gave the specific example of the Khan Academy in your own practice. I have been researching flipped classrooms myself this year, but I am not sure they would work as well in an elementary setting. I love the idea of having students being able to re-watch videos and fill in some of the gaps in their learning and I really think that videos could really work well for students that are high-achievers, but I do worry about the level of independence required to learn in this manner. I thought it was very fitting that you referred to yourself as a teacher and coach.

    You came across as very confident on your video as well. Great work this week!


  2. Nice blog. I agree that videos and multimedia can be a great tool when helping differentiate instruction. Multimedia can be used with lower achieving students to help remediate or present the information in another way. Higher level learners can benefit from multimedia by using it to expand on a topic.

  3. Hi Jaime-
    I love your ideas! Since I teach in a virtual setting, I am limited on the time I can actually spend with my students. As we speak, I am trying to find ways to flip the classroom so I can have more interactivity with my students. We record all of our sessions and are creating a sort of video library. The idea is that if my video doesn’t click with my students, they can see how the other language arts teachers present the same material, so they will have access to all. It is our own tiny language arts version of Khan Academy. Nice work!

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