General Education Information

Idaho Education Information

  • ISAT-Idaho Standardized Achievement Tests- required testing to graduate
  • ISDE -Idaho State Department of Education main site

Integrating Technology

Disability Accessibility

  • -A program designed to help with cognitive development, gives lessons in 3 different formats
  • BrainPop -This is a visually exciting website for at-risk students.  Animated videos on several subjects and topics to help review concepts being taught in the classroom.
  • DukeTIP -Resources, research, and information for students and educators of gifted and talented students.
  • FrontRow -This organization specializes in audio learning for all students.  There are ideas and produces available.
  • HoagiesGifted -This site is made for gifted and talented students.  It includes resources for parents, students and teachers dealing with students who need more challenges.
  • Intellitools -Organization to help students with physical handicaps.  Several ideas and products to help make learning easier for those who struggle with the simplest movements.
  • Promising Mathematics Students -This website, created by Northern Kentucky University, has several different resources for students, parents and teachers.  There are games, activities, summer programs and even competitions for students who are ready for a real challenge.
  • ScholasticMathIntervention -A website made to give ideas and resources for teachers to help at-risk and struggling students.  Videos, articles, and other teacher resources available through this link.
  • Summer Institute for the Gifted -This site has several different resources for students who need more challenge.  There are games, interactive activities, several links to other resources for students.
  • Sunburst -A program that finds the learning style that fits the needs of each student to help master common core standards of each grade level
  • VisionCue -An organization to help people who have vision impairment.  There are products and ideas to help people with low level of vision to those who are fully blind.


  • -Video tutorials for major subject matters for junior and high school levels
  • -several kinds of calculators for all different mathematical needs
  • Connected Mathematics -games and activities that go with the curriculum used at the middle school level
  • CPMP tools -works directly with Core-Plus curriculum and includes several simulations on connecting science and math together
  • -includes simulations, visual explanations on how math works, and interactive worksheets
  • Gizmos -simulations and activities to help learn different concepts.
  • -problem solving games to play by self or with other people
  • Graph paper -31 different kinds of free printable graphing paper
  • JavaMath -interactive, virtual manipulations for mathematics
  • -Video tutorials for several different subjects matters and topic, also includes practice and simulation on some concepts
  • -includes practice problems, tutorials, free calculators, homework help, and math puzzle and games
  • Mathbits -Help in using graphing calculators
  • shows correct answers to problems along with the steps to get to the correct answer
  • -National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Journal and information
  • ShoderManipulatives -virtual manipulatives for mathematics and science (National Library of Virtual Manipulatives at the Shodor Foundation)
  • -educational games including, but not limited to math games for all different levels
  • Visual Manipulatives– a website full of math manipulatives for all ages and levels (National Library of Virtual manipulatives for Interactive mathematics at Utah State University)
  • WebMath -has step-by-step guidance on how to complete problems

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