Relative Advantage of Instructional Software

Being in the 3rd week of researching, we have been looking a lot at the relative advantage of using software within our classroom settings.  There are so many different tools now available to teachers to help them with their students in every aspect of teaching.  Weather needing information on managing, group work, practice in skills, and/or working with other staff members, there are tools available for teachers.  The only issue is having the time to find them and knowing where to start when looking for the tools.

There are many advantages to using software in the classroom.  Introducing software tools to students while at school, makes it easier for them to use the tools at home.  So many times, the students just need a little help and then they understand how to use the different programs available to them.

Students that struggle with comprehension can go to videos on several different sites to see how different teachers explain what was taught in the classroom.  Having more than one explanation can really help students connect with what is being learned.  Khanacademy is a great resource for students who need help with understanding concepts.  Not only are there thousands of videos going over thousands of concepts in every subject matter, but there are also practice problems students can try on their own to make sure they understand the material.  Coaches are available to help and so are hints on how to get to the next stage of problem solving.

Resources go even farther than helping students with comprehension.  Using software programs make learning more interesting to the students so they are more apt to learn something they may normally not be interested in.  Throwing technology into the mix helps motivate students with their classwork and homework, knowing they get to use computers.

Not only is the work more interesting for the students, it makes grading easier for teachers.  There are several programs out there that monitor what students are doing, how much help they’ve asked for, what problems they’ve worked on, and how well they understand the concepts.  Instead of looking through hundreds of papers and grading individual problems, teachers can quickly see what students are doing and how well they complete the problems.  This is such a time saver for teachers!  Time that can go into lesson planning instead of paper grading.

There are many advantages to using software.  One just needs to take the time to see what is out there in on the web available to use, to meet the needs of the teacher.  Here is a link to resources I have found so far to help me in my math classroom.  Also, a link to my instructional software presentation.


Doering, Aaron H., Roblyer, M.D., (2012). Educational technology into teaching sixth edition. Boston. Pearson Education Inc.


One thought on “Relative Advantage of Instructional Software

  1. Hi Jaime, I really like your post and you made several good points! Like you said, time and knowing where to look are issues. I find it almost overwhelming to try to weed through what is out there, all the while knowing that I am probably missing some organized treasure trove of which I have no knowledge! As we continue to progress, the quality of the instructional software will become better and better. Do I want to educate my students with something created in 2011 or 2001? I also like your thoughts on how the introduction of the instructional software in the classroom will help the students begin to use it at home. I completely agree. Many times, software appears daunting and students (myself included) are afraid to use it. A simple tutorial from the teacher may be all that is needed to spur on enthusiastic use.

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