Relative Advantage Chart

This is a chart showing different problems that can arise in a middle and high school leveled mathematics class.  All problems have a technological solution.  In many cases with my students, the main problem is not having the same tools at home as within the classroom.  We use a graphing calculator daily within all the lessons which most students cannot afford.  Having access to free resources is a large help for a majority of my students.  Incorporating these tools in the lessons at school only helps the students be able to use the tools at home more easily.



Relative Advantage


Graphing Equations quickly to learn from the graphs themselves Online Graphing Calculator Students have the ability to graph quickly to learn from the graph instead of having to draw them Lessons are not lost in the creating of the graphs, and students can learn from the graph itself more quickly
Having access to curriculum based material CPMP Tools Students have access to the information we look at in class anywhere and anytime Students use the same tools we use in class, at home when doing homework
Students not understanding a concept Khanacademy Students have free tutoring and videos on content we studied in class Students see the material from a different perspective
Creating spreadsheet data and interpreting it Google docs Students can work on data anywhere Students have a better understanding of how spreadsheets work mathematically
Students needing more practice Brightstorm Students can watch videos and practice the concepts we learn in class Students see the concepts in new ways and have a fully understanding of what is being taught
Graphing paper Free graph paper Students have access to several kinds of graphing paper Whatever kind of graphing paper is needed, it would be easy to print
Needing help in how to use the graphing calculator Mathbits-calculator help Students have step-by-step help in how to use the same kind of calculator as we use in class Even if students miss a lesson on how to do a certain task, they have access to a tutorial
Students forgetting to write down daily assignments Piatt website Students and parents alike can check the daily assignments Students have the opportunity to get assignments done with or without writing down the daily task
Students need more practice Students can practice, play games, and continue to learn the concepts learned in class Students understand the concepts better and can build on what we are learning in class
Checking on grades and individual assignments Powerschool Students and parents have access to grades anytime Students and parents have the ability to stay on top of their grades

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