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This was a tough course for me, probably the hardest so far.  It had nothing to do with the material being too hard, or with technological problems.  I just felt off beat the entire course.  I struggled because I always felt I was missing something, I wasn’t understanding the directions clearly enough, like there was a secret I wasn’t told about. I kept reading about the “final project” and kept waiting for when this would take place and ⅔ of the way through the course was when it was brought to my attention everything we do will be a part of the project.  And each week I was doing completely different ideas so I felt like I had no “theme.”  I don’t know why I missed this concept, but I just felt a step behind which was extremely frustrating all semester long.

With that said, I learned a lot of new techniques that I can use, resources my students can take advantage of, ideas to motivate my students further.  I understand the idea of the final project now, even though mine is a little random, at best.  I am glad we looked at resources for special needs as I’m teaching a student in a wheelchair for the first time.  He is such a joy to teach and I was excited to share what I had learned with him.  He was excited that I even thought of him while I was working on my class.

I tried implementing some technology ideas with one of my classes that is full of students who do not understand mathematics.  My lesson ideas are on hold right now for two reasons.  One, our broadband isn’t fast enough and so it takes too much time navigating around.  Our school and district is in the process of fixing this problem.  Also, I was needing social media which is not allowed.  Once I have a little more time, I will be researching for sites that will meet my intentions.

This course has not changed my teaching theory or philosophy.  I teach using social constructivism and the math curriculum we use is also social constructivism which most of the technology classes I’ve taken use this same philosophy as well.  I’m only gaining confidence in how I teach my classes and in implementing what I learn in my teaching.  I’ve included AECT standards and how we mastered them on my course page.  Please check it out on my information regarding AECT standards.

Blog (link to blogs and resources)
I always made sure to check out two students blogs.  Sometimes I would write the comments within their blog and sometimes I wrote it both in their blog and in moodle.  I really didn’t know which way to go on this as I was confused on how it would be graded and concerned I wouldn’t get graded if it was only on the other person’s blog and not on moodle.  I decided to stick with just posting within the other students blog and worry about my grade later.

It is always interesting to me how other people interpret what we are doing in class.  To get insight into other subject matters and other takes on what we are studying is very interesting to me.  Sometimes I feel like I missed the boat and gain access through the writings of my fellow students.  And other times I realize I too am in the boat and did a great job at figuring it out!

When it comes to my numerical grade, I looked at the rubric and noticed there weren’t any numbers going across.  I had to decided how many points Outstanding, Proficient, Basic and Below Expectations would be.  This was difficult.  Normally I would divide by 4 and go with those numbers.  However, I do my best at meeting the Outstanding section.  Also, I am usually harder on myself then how I am graded.  Oh the debates that go on in my head to figure this out.

On content of the blogs I wrote, I try to do an outstanding job and use the resources provided (70).  I even looked up my own resources a few times to gain new insight, using new information and not the same sites everyone else used (20).  I always had my blogs done on-time.  Usually I wrote my blogs before doing my project.  So the timeliness of my blogs were good (20).  The responses I gave to people is the hard one for me.  I always posted 2 remarks each week.  However, the detailed information?  I don’t know how detailed they were.  I would want to compare others.  The remarks I made, fit with the remarks I received.  I even threw in a new resource in one of them(30).  I guess I did pretty well, walking myself through this process!

It feels good to complete another course!  At the end of each semester I feel the weight come off my shoulders.  I’ve gained more information that can be incorporated in my career immediately.  And now I can have some time to relax, spend my MET time with my family instead, and read a good novel instead of a textbook.


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