Wk 1 Reading

We read through chapters 1 and 2 in our textbook.  It is important to think about what we want to evaluate for our final project.  I’m leaning toward a program that I will use next school year but don’t know if it will work yet or not.

Here is what I wrote about in my assignment this week:

Chapter 1

  • Briefly describe the project, including its purpose, goals, activities that will be performed, and expected outcomes.
    My school is going to a one-to-one program next year with technology and students.  With this, the staff are required to implement technology in all areas of learning.  Along with this change, I have changed all the math curriculum from an old-school behaviorist approach to a modern social-constructivist curriculum that in my opinion support technology and common core teaching.  Instead of going to training on how to use the new curriculum, which is extremely different than traditional teaching, we plan to meet together regularly on the transitions and changes that need to take place in our teaching methods and styles.  The transition is huge for the teacher but could have great benefits for the students in their comprehension on how math actually works and in their testing.



  • Explain why you would want to evaluate it.
    It will be very important to evaluate our training together to make sure all teachers are making a good transition and using the curriculum to the fullest, along with adding our personal touch and character into our teaching.  If teachers use what is comfortable, the curriculum will be a waste of money and not benefit the transitions in using technology and in allowing students to prove/find/explore on their own with the help of our guidance.  It’s extremely easy to show students how something works instead of facilitating, and guiding them along to find the answers on their own.



  • Of the Two Definitions of Evaluation, which do you subscribe?  Explain why.
    My evaluation process meets the description of the first definition.  I will be wanting to make sure we are meeting the objectives, and are achieving the goals of technology implementation and change of teaching philosophies.  This will be a long term evaluation.  We will not be making a decision, as the decision has been made, but will be making sure the teachers have questions answered, guidance on changes, and resources and support needed throughout the process.


Chapter 2 (b)


  • Would the program you detailed in Chapter One benefit from an evaluation? If so, how?
    Changing teaching styles in a subject that has been taught the same for generations is a huge process.  Our school is changing curriculums in the math department from old-school behaviorist approach to a more modern social-constructivist approach that uses the scientific method of learning.  We would benefit from evaluating our training time together throughout the first year of implementation.  Using our time wisely, constantly making little changes in how we teach, supporting each other and giving ideas in what is working/not working will show the administration and parents the positives in the new method and in future training sessions in multiple subjects.



  • What are the inherent limitations in the evaluation of the program?
    Limitations to the evaluation would be in not seeing growth in our students.  The ultimate goal for any teacher is for the students to fully learn the topic and material presented to them.  However, making extreme changes with the belief that the students will have a better understanding of how math works and then not seeing any changes in their comprehension is a possibility.  We will need to be prepared for that and have a plan for what to change if this is a factor throughout the school year.
  • How might you use the results to benefit the organization, community, schools, or yourself?
    The results can be used in many different ways.  It can show parents how students react to the new philosophy of learning.  The results can be used to format future training sessions within the math department and in other subject matters as well.  It can also show the administration the teacher’s willingness to be open minded and willing to try new things, also in working together and using each other as a support system and building block in improving personal teaching growth.

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