1. Educational Technology Definition Mod 1 Reflection

Growing up I was forced to take piano from 1st grade through 8th grade year.  My teacher was big on including piano theory.  Because of that experience the word “theory” has always been a turn off.  When I signed up for this course I was dragging my feet as I was once again “forced” to take a theory class.  With that said, I’ve really enjoyed what I have read and watched on-line so far.  It is so interesting to read what other people are thinking and have similar thoughts on the same subject as others that have entirely different life experiences, live in other parts of our continent and yet share similar understanding of what educational technology involves.  It’s also interesting to me that I’m in the process of getting my master’s in a program that did not exist just a few years ago.
It makes perfect sense to learn more about using technology within the classroom as this is where our country/world is going.  We are using technology more and more in every aspect of our daily lives.  Each day new technology programs, applications, devices is created to make some part of our living easier or more convenient.  This should impact me as an educator, preparing my students for future learning.
I see myself more than just a math teacher.  I am a role model of a virtuous citizen (this is our school mission), I am to prepare my students for their next stage in life (post-high school training/schooling) while teaching them their favorite subject in school (isn’t everyone’s favorite subject math?).
It would be a disservice to my students if I did not integrate technology into my lessons.
We incorporate graphing calculators throughout our curriculum from the middle school math classes throughout high school.  It is also a new goal this year for me to communicate with all parents when a test or quiz is coming up, to help the students prepare.  I use email to communicate with parents, also the phone when needed, and my website.  Through my website students can see what their assignments are, find links to free tutors on-line in lessons that correspond with what we are currently studying, and keep grades on the web so parents and students can check their grades at any given moment.
I would like to use mobile devices more in the future.  At this time I’ve given my students suggestions on free or cheap applications that would help them in the classroom and are not as expensive as purchasing a graphing calculator.  This is something I need to do more research on and try out different apps that I think would work best with the curriculum we use and would be beneficial throughout college as well.  I am always open minded and willing to take suggestions from my colleagues and students alike.
There has already been changes made within my school building from me taking EDTech 501 this last summer.  I’ve visited with the senior English teacher about Zotero and blogging.  Both things he is excited to implement into his classes.  He is going through the process of okaying them with the school and district.  I have also joined the technology planning committee, which only includes me and the principal at this time.  It should be an experience as I teach the principal different technology uses we can use throughout all the grade levels that will benefit our students.  We have yet to have a meeting.
It is important to be open minded as I learn more about the technology field.  I have to work through my fear of the unknown and be willing to ask questions without feeling naive about any subject or aspect of technology.  I have avoided learning in the past because my husband works in the field and so I leave all the technology “stuff” up for him to figure out.  Now I want to take charge and be a leader in my school building on what we can do to improve the use of technology at every stage and grade at my school.


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