2. My Plain Jane

This was the real “first” week of work in my EDTECH502 class.  The goal was to make a plain webpage that included the assignments the class will be working on throughout the semester.  I first had to download the software “Dreamweaver” which helps in writing HTML and XHTML.  By watching videos several times, I was able to follow directions in creating the website.

It was quite a challenge for me.  Since Denny, my husband, programs for work on a regular basis, this is easy stuff for him.  However, I did not want to use his brains unless I really had to.  Anytime I got stuck, I re-watched the videos that were provided.  Here is the URL to my “plain jane” website.

I am so excited to say I was able to finish my webpage and it looks perfect!  And it was written in perfect code!

A side note for my own personal memory:  This semester I am also taking an EDTech continuing education course with the rest of my staff at school.  I am helping several teachers as they struggle along through this course.  It is difficult for them as it is such a different learning style, on-line.  We have some staff that are bored because they already use what we are learning and we have staff that feel completely overwhelmed and are afraid they will fail the class.  I’m just constantly working on my computer, from one class to another.


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