9. m-Learning Activity

This week was making sure the webpage we created would work with multiple kinds of held devices.  And that the lesson used devices within the lesson itself.  I decided this would be a good lesson for learning how to create a quadratic equation for a free throw shot.

The lesson in itself is pretty fun for students.  They get to use their smart phones in a couple different ways to video and time someone shooting a free throw and then creating the quadratic equation for the shot that was made.

On the creation of the page I spent most of my time on imaging.  Finding the right picture for the header and coming up with the sides was most time consuming.  I remember thinking my end result does not justify how long it took me in creating all three kinds of pages.  All the pages are different depending on the device used.  We needed to create a page for a regular computer, smart phone, and print friendly page.  We also needed all three pages to look different so the user could see the difference between creations.

I was happy with how my page ended up looking.  I could see me using this in my Quadratics units, if I have spare time.  Here is the direct link to the page:

Quadratics in Action


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