7. Interactive Concept Map

This week was all about linking to external links through images.  We created concept maps in Fireworks and once placed inside our page in Dreamweaver, we then learned how to make parts of the image link to new pages.  With this being our new project in coding, we could make our page content anything we wanted.

I decided to make my page about free help on the web for students.  There are several links to tutorials that are great help for students in math.  Some of the help is through videos.  Besides tutorials, I also included information on free graphing calculators.  There are so many free calculators on the web, the students just need to know which ones are the most helpful.  I included CPMP tools, which is a site that matches the curriculum we use at school.

Instead of one concept map, which is what was asked of us, I created two maps.  I also included a link back to the main 502 page.  This was the week we learned how to create favicons.  I’ve including a favicon on the main page and will keep incorperating them on my upcoming pages as well.

Here is a link to my Math Tutorial.


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