6. Scavenger Hunt

This week was all about copyright and fair use.  We needed to research our own interests regarding copyright and fair use and then create a scavenger hunt based on our research.

The scavenger hunt takes the user to several different external links.  Once the information is read, the user is to answer questions based on the information.  We were to create images for bullets instead of the provided bullets or numbers.  This was done in Fireworks and then put into Dreamweaver  We were also challenged to incorporate a video that had to do with copyright and fair use as well, if possible.  Besides this one webpage, we also had to create another page that would link up with the Scavenger Hunt that had all the answers to the questions.

This week took a long time.  The research took longer then previous weeks and we had to make sure two different pages validated in both HTML and CSS.

Here is the link to my Scavenger Hunt pages


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