4. Netiquette

This week we concentrated on what netiquette is and in creating a page to share the meaning of netiquette.  Along with researching netiquette, we were learning how to float a box within Dreamweaver.  This is the first week we’ve had to do both HTML and CSS in the same week.  We had to create a finished product using HTML and CSS that would explain netiquette and would link to our home page.

My first impression was nervousness as I felt we were given so much to do in one week.  Not only did we have to create a page and make it pretty, we also had to create a floating box in Dreamweaver as well.  It was important the box was floating to the right and that it would work in more than one browser.

I decided to start using the same colors in my pages and went with a red and blue theme.  It has also been important to me to write notes through my code so when I go back and look at the code, I know what things are for and the meaning behind what I created.

Here is my netiquette page.



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