3. Plain Jane Colored

This week was about adding style to our “plain” website.  This was more difficult for me, only because it requires some creativity.  I had no problem with writing CSS and looking back over my HTML code.  But putting colors together and trying to make my page different and unique is very hard for me.  I just struggle thinking outside the box.

I thought I did alright for my first experience with CSS.  I started out using our wedding colors.  This is something Denny and I seem to do often when having to deal with colors.  We start off with light blue and dark purple.  Then I made the change in using a soft yellow background so there was more contrast in the font color vs. the background color.  Here is a look at my “colorful jane.”

I love looking at my classmates work and what they came up with.  I have to admit, I looked at a few and made some changes within my own because I liked what I saw.

The weeks focus was in adding style and learning how to incorporate CSS within our HTML code.  It was fun to do.  I’m actually starting to loose my fear of code and am enjoying the challenge of writing code and making sure it works correctly.


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