12. WebQuest

I made it to the last module!!  I was really hoping to finish this project during my spring break but really needed a break and so took the break instead of finishing the project early.  The break was much needed and enjoyed.  I finished this project on time and it took the full two weeks to accomplish my goal.

I had to do all kinds of research on WebQuests before I could even think of a topic I wanted to do.  This was very hard for me to be creative.  There were not many examples of using math integratedly.  I am still that very thrilled with my end result but needed to be finished time-wise.

The project itself was not difficult.  I am feeling as I understand Dreamweaver pretty well now.  I know there is still much to learn but feel I know the basics.  I wanted to do something different with the header since I always use a picture.  I do not like my header, but wanted something other than a picture.

One of the differences with this project and the Virtual Tour project was how I organized it in Dreamweaver.  I had different coding pages for the Virtual Tour.  With the WebQuest I created a new file within my 502 file to keep my HTML pages organized.

I continued to have problems with my personal server throughout this project which slowed down the process.  Hopefully this is fixed before I start my summer class.

I’m feeling very accomplished with this class.  I really enjoyed it and learned so much through it.  It was very fun!  Especially since I was the most scared of this class then any other.   Here is the link to my WebQuest and also to my Starting page again.


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