11. Virtual Tour

This module took two weeks instead of one.  I was very happy about this because it was during my two week spring break.  My goal during spring break was to get as much of this class, 502, completed as I could to alleviate much stress that what was going on at home and at school.

I loved this project.  I found it fun to create but very irritating as well.  I had some simple problems I couldn’t figure out.  One was the complications made due to changing my bronco password.  Because Dreamweaver is connected to the Bronco EDTech server, I had to also change the Dreamweaver password as well.  I was good to go with my creations once the password was corrected.

The next problem I was having was my local server at home.  It kept turning off which slowed the process down.

The two week process for this project included using the same CSS for all 5 or more HTML coded pages.  I had to do some research on creating tabs that go across the page instead of a list down the side.  I also had some maneuvering to make all pages pass off on W3C for both code and CSS since all my pages includes videos.  Videos can cause problems with passing off.

I love my end results!  I love the photo I found and the color scheme used for this project.  It’s very fun to look through my past projects and to see the growth from week to week.  This week was a huge jump in my abilities!  I loved it!

The link to my page “Math In Nature and Art


One thought on “11. Virtual Tour

  1. I used this Virtual Tour with my seventh grade class. Even though the math is too difficult for them and they cannot comprehend much that is talked about or written on, they are enjoying seeing how math is used in nature. Both classes are really enjoying the videos and look forward to the upcoming videos we plan to watch!
    Love it! Love it when the work I put into my MET class is used in my teaching!!!

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