10. Default Page

We learned what a default page was this week.  If a person does not know the entire address to a webpage, yet it has a default, the whole address is not necessary in order to connect to the page.  Our default pages was centered around ourselves.  We were asked to include certain links but then could include anything else we wanted.

Not only did we learn about default pages, but we also learned how to use CSS templates.  It was our decision if we wanted to use free templates from the internet or ones already created in Dreamweaver.  I searched the internet and found several different CSS templates that looked fun and interesting but couldn’t figure out how I would transform my information into the given CSS form.  I started using one and decided I didn’t like the process.  Therefore I found a CSS template already in Dreamweaver to use.

The difficult part in using a CSS template in Dreamweaver is everything is put into the HTML page.  I had to copy and paste the CSS code into a new CSS page and change things around before starting into my own writing.  Once the basics of the page is created, I was able to change CSS code and HTML code to fit what I wanted within the page I was creating.

Here is the link to my Default page.


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