9. Groups and Sharing

This week we continued our research from last week.  Again, we looked at Zotero and how we can use it in more than one way.  Not only can we find resources for our own personal research, we can also look at other peoples research who are studying in the same subject matter we are.  Beyond looking at other peoples resources, we can also join forces within a group and share the different articles/journals/books/etc that we find with them.  This week we had the ability to try out sharing and grouping within Zotero with our classmates.

I see this tool helpful for class research projects.  This can be frequent in high school as students learn to work together and learn the proper ways to research on the web.  I look forward to finding out if we use Zotero at our school and if it is something we can implement this year or next.

Another share project we looked at this week had to do with a program called Delicious.  This is a new way to bookmark websites that are helpful.  Instead of using files and the standard bookmarking, Dilicious stores my bookmarks on the web.  I can now get to my bookmarks no matter what computer I am using.  Instead of files, the webpages I want to remember are stored using tags.  I can put as many tags as I want on a site I want bookmarked and then, if I choose, can share the information with friends, family and anyone else who may be interested.

I love the idea of storing my bookmarks on-line.  I can separate my interests with different tags and be able to find the websites quick and easy no matter where I am and what computer I am on.  I see this as a helpful tool for students who are collaborating together and also for staff who want to use the same programs on-line or see what other teachers are using.  Also for year to year class units, students can build from past years and improve what was found previously.

We not only looked at Zotero and Dilicious, we also created an account with Google Reader.  Through this program we can subscribe to any blog, news, social network, etc and see what the latest information shows.  We can share what we find with other people as well.  This is a great way to stay on top of the news and research different journals.  I have the ability to see what is most current and also save information if I want to come back to it another time.

All these programs create new ways to collaborate with other educators, students, friends and family.  It is opening up new doors in research, community, and resources.  Making them all possible with a few key strokes.


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