8. RSS Feeds for Education

It is very interesting to research different educational material that has the ability to help me improve my teaching methods and give me ideas on reaching each and every student.  I subscribed to 6 different websites that have the potential to completely change how I teach today.  Here are the following links:

http://blog.4teachers.org/    (Tools 4 teachers)
http://www.stemedcoalition.org/  (supporting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)
http://www.edweek.org/ew/index.html  (educational news)
http://www.nctm.org/   (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)
http://www.educationworld.com/  (Educational World)
http://www.ed.gov/  (US Department of Education)

Not only will I have hundreds, if not thousands, of articles and information at my fingertips, but I can search them quickly to see if there is anything that relates to what I am doing in my classroom at the time.  Or, I can star the information that I know I will use later in the school year.

Within my school, as a staff we could have the ability to share information with each other.  Already I am excited to talk with the senior English teacher about Zotero to see if he uses it already, or can start implementing it for the senior research projects.  With RSS feeds, I can share information that effects our kind of school (Charter) or find something that our math department could use or find interesting, and send feeds to any of the secondary subject teachers websites that I think they may find helpful.  Without much effort, the teacher could quickly see what I’ve shared and decide if it is actually something they like or not.    This gives our staff a quick and easy way to share information and decide on our own if we like what has been shared or do not think it will help and still not waste valuable time.  It allows for collaboration amongst different subjects and teachers within the same building.

From the six different websites I have subscribed to so far, I’ve decided to share a few articles, videos, and websites that I find helpful to me.  Please take a minute to see what I have found.

Jaime’s Shared Feeds


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