5. Plagiarism

Plagiarism video script

Chase:  Hey Jessica!
Jessica:  Hey Chase!
Chase:  Did you finish your math homework yet?
Jessica:  Yes.  You?
Chase:  No, can I borrow yours?
Jessica:  Chase, that is cheating.  Cheating is a form of plagiarism.  Not only will you not understand what we just learned, but you and I both will receive zeros on our assignment.  It is not okay for me to share my assignment or for you to take it.  We could even get kicked out of school for it!
Chase:  I was too busy playing outside to work on my math tonight.
Jessica:  Chase, the teacher told us when the assignment was due.  You should have used your time more wisely.  Instead of playing outside, you should have finished your math first.  Quite being a procrastinator and this issue would not have come up.
Chase:  You are right.  I made poor decisions with my time.  The teacher gave us enough time to work on the assignment.  Would you at least help me?
Jessica:  I would be happy to help you!
Chase:  Did you finish your report in history Jessica?
Jessica:  Yes.  I found some old textbooks and changed the words around to make the report.  It was quite easy.
Chase:  Speaking of plagiarism, that is a form of it.  It’s also called patchwork.
Jessica:  It is?
Chase:  Yes it is, you used the writers ideas and not your own, you will not be showing the teacher you have learned anything.
Jessica:  I suppose you are right.  I should do more research and include my own thoughts as well.
Chase:  Do not forget to include all the different books you’ve used for your research in your resources.  You must cite the work throughout your paper as well.  When you do not include citations or works in your resources that too is plagiarism.
Jessica:  Thanks Chase
Chase:  Looks like we were able to help each other on tonight’s homework.

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