13. Professional Learning Network Plan

I did not think I would be able to create very many bubbles.  I can see myself adding some throughout the week and weeks to come.  It is amazing to me how much I have learned this summer and how much I want to share with my staff this fall.  I am looking forward to implementing some of the programs I have found through my searches to help my students this coming school year.  Now that I am using Google Reader, I will follow the new and upcoming information that will help me in my math classroom.  Connecting this with Delicious will help me quickly get to sites I want to share with students.  There are so many tools out there to tutor and guide students in ways that will help them in the classroom.  Using bubbl.us will control my obsession with writing things done several times and organize my thoughts of what I should be implementing this coming fall and further in the future as well.

My goal this school year is to provide at least one website/tutor that will help my students on the lesson of the day or for the current unit.  I hope to use email more often with communication with both my students and parents explaining what they can do to help their students mathematically and in using the web as a tool.  I am looking forward to talking with our high school English teacher about Zotero as he is implementing a senior research project that will soon be a state requirement.  Diigo could also be of great help as well.  Some of the other presentation websites will be good to share with the computer teacher so students have a chance to practice before needing to use it in a core class.  The resources are limitless.  Just getting started will guide other teachers in what else can be used.  I think the challenge could be the network at school and how to make some programs work on campus, but that is for our network guy!

There are still several sites I want to explore and play around with to decide if I find any useful in the future.  With a few weeks before my school year starts, I now have the time to search.   And with the tools I’ve learned in this course, I know how to save the information I’ve found and how to get back to it easily.

Take a look at my bubble plan.


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