12. Tech Use Plan Presentation

This was a fun project because I have already been thinking of ways I should help our school become more technologically based.  When we work together, we learn more and can benefit from each others findings.  I love the idea of learning from other staff members and helping those who need more guidance.  I also like the team aspect of finding new programs that seem to be working well for other schools.  Because most of our teachers have a desire to learn more technology, creating a class or team of people that are willing to research and then share their findings seems like a good way to start establishing a better technology ran school.  And since I’ve just learned several different programs through this course, I look forward to sharing my new knowledge with my staff members.

This project was also a challenge because I’ve never used Google presentations before and I felt it was very limiting.  Also, many of the other programs we have used in the past have now expired and I am unwilling to buy them for my home computer.  These tools would be great at school, I just don’t see myself using them for home purposes enough to purchase.  Therefore, I’m limited to what Google presentations can do.  This doesn’t leave me very happy with my project since I don’t feel it is complete, the way I would like it to be.


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