1. The Slide Projector and Motion Picture

Looking back through my years of education the first technology I remember teachers using was when I was in 2nd grade.  We had a teacher come in once a week for a couple of months to teach us about colors.  She used the slide projector to show us pictures of how colors worked together and pictures of her cat.  This is when I learned that the combination of blue and yellow make green.  And when I mix red and blue together, I will make purple.

I do not remember much of the technology itself, as I was so young.  However, I remember the teacher very well.  She was so nice and held my attention by intertwining the lesson with her pet cat.  She would talk while we looked at different slides, one at a time, on the projector.  Once she was done speaking on one of the slides, she would push a button and the next slide would display.  Once she was done with the lesson, we would work on worksheets, made with a mimeograph machine (I never used this, but my parents did).  The worksheets reviewed the lesson to see if we paid attention.

This same school year we also used motion picture projectors.  When this machine was in our classroom, the students knew we were going to watch a movie!!

I do not remember any movie we watched, but I do remember waiting for the teacher to clip the end of the film so it would fit correctly on the empty reel as the teacher was trying to make the projector work.  We had to sit silently and wait while the teacher made sure the projector was working the right way.  Then the teacher would turn all the lights off so we could watch the film.

It is amazing to see how far we have come in the 25 years since I was in second grade.  We no longer use these forms of mediums, we have upgraded to more advanced pieces of technology.  Looking back, however, does show the importance of the teacher.  We cannot only use technology by itself.  We need an educator to guide the way and help fill in the holes of what we do not understand individually, and this is different for each student.

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