EDTech 542

In this interactive, online course students will learn how to use the Standards-Focused Project Based Learning (PBL) Model to develop instructional units. During the course, students will work independently and collaboratively through all phases of successful PBL, from deciding on a project theme to reflecting on the outcomes of a project. Online discussions and activities will be centered on exploration of issues related to PBL. As a culminating activity, students will develop a PBL unit for use in their own teaching or training .

Course Objectives (AECT Standards Addressed, ISTE Standards Addressed):
At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  1. Identify characteristics and attributes of Project Based Learning (PBL).
  2. Align goals and objectives of PBL with state and local standards for learning.
  3. Explore and implement teacher role as coach, mentor or tutor in guiding students through the PBL process.
  4. Develop formative and summative assessments for monitoring and evaluating PBL unit and student outcomes.
  5. Design collaborative learning activities that support student learning in the PBL process.
  6. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of PBL and the related implications for student achievement.
  7. Develop a Project Based Learning unit using the Buck Institute for Education PBL model.
  8. Address the needs of diverse learners.

The AECT Standards that are met through this course will be met in the final project.



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