In order to receive a master’s degree in Educational Technology, each student is required to take 11 courses, each 3 credits in length.  This page is to show the many different standards for each module within each course.

I have done all kinds of changes within my blog to not only meet the needs of my classes, but also to organize the standards that we use, and what we’ve learned in each class and module.  I’m hoping my hard work will pay off in the end and it is not a waste of my time.  Only time will tell.

Clicking on each class will take you to the different modules we learned and then the standards that I felt we met throughout the learning process of each module.  To learn more about the module, you can click on a different page with the titles and reflections I did with each class.

Here is the list of all the AECT Standards used throughout this program:

  • Standard 1:  Design
    • 1.1 Instructional Systems Design
    • 1.2 Message Design
    • 1.3 Instructional Strategies
    • 1.4 Learner Characteristics
  • Standard 2: Development
    • 2.1 Print Technologies
    • 2.2 Audiovisual Technologies
    • 2.3 Computer-Based Technologies
    • 2.4 Integrated Technologies
  • Standard 3: Utilization
    • 3.1 Media Utilization
    • 3.2 Diffusion of Innovations
    • 3.3 Implementation and Institutionalization
    • 3.4 Policies and Regulations
  • Standard 4:  Management
    • 4.1 Project Management
    • 4.2 Resource Management
    • 4.3 Delivery System Management
    • 4.4 Information Management
  • Standard 5:  Evaluation
    • 5.1 Problem Analysis
    • 5.2 Criterion-Referenced Measurement
    • 5.3 Formative and Summative Evaluation
    • 5.4 Long Range Planning

Here is the order I took my classes:

  1. 501- Summer 2011
  2. 504- Fall 2012
  3. 502- Spring 2012
  4. 542-Summer 2012
  5. 541-Fall 2012

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