Wk3 Pet the Kitty

WOW!!!  This was by far the most difficult week in all my master’s classes so far.  It about did me in.  I just couldn’t figure out the most simplest of things this week.

The goal was to create an app that shows a cat.  When a user pushes on the cat it is suppose to meow.  I had a few struggling points, but for the most part, the assignment was pretty simple.  It was everything else that was difficult.  I couldn’t figure out how to make a QR code and make it work correctly.  I couldn’t find the directions on the wiki to help me out either.  I know, I know.  I now know were the directions are in the wiki but I swear they weren’t there when I looked the first ten times.  However, when I was really working hard and extremely irritated, I could have a huge button in the middle of my screen and I still couldn’t find it.  I finally had to ask my husband to help.  He did his best not to laugh at me, knowing the state I was in.

I was very grateful for advise that was given in the discussion forum within our assignment.  Mark Bishop gave some step-by-step instructions on how to create the QR code, which was frustrating.  There were also instructions given by the professor in the wiki, however, I couldn’t find them for the life of me.  It was one of the last things I found and participated in, besides this post.

The assignment itself was good to troubleshoot from, problem solve and work on critical thinking.  I do my best at not including my husband in my master’s classes.  It would be a very easy “to go to” option since he is a software engineer with a degree in computer science.  However, I really like to figure things out on my own and use my own talents and shortcomings.  This week, I had to use him.  I just couldn’t figure it out on my own.

As I’m trying to finish up this post and get it where it needs to go I’m up against another hill.  Where the heck is this “google spreadsheet” and why can’t I find it?!!!!!  Deep breath.  I will keep searching for this simple thing and post when finally ready.  As I have found it (since you are reading it) I will note that I was unable to get to this spreadsheet the first two times I tried.  It wanted me to login as a BSU instructor.  I know you think I’m crazy, and at this point I could be.  I am just stating the facts though.

About my app…my cat is beautiful and has the most deep blue eyes, which is why I chose him.  I also picked out a great meow for him to make when touched.  If you listen to it, this is how I felt throughout the finishing touches of this project, and downloading everything that needs to be downloaded. 🙂

Here is the QR scan…that works like a charm!  And the link just to cover my tracks!  It was tempting to include the cover of my app but I chose to leave it off.



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