Where’s My Car? App

I can really tell several students within the class are starting to understand Java and the process to create fun and easy to use apps.  It is interesting to see what everyone comes up with.  I feel like I am starting to lag behind.  I’m really struggling with Java and the program used for making apps.

I can follow the directions our text gives, and the process makes sense when it is described to me, but I still can not do things on my own.  This has been very frustrating to me.  All my other courses I’ve taken, I understand what we are doing and what needs to be learned.  I have not had any problems until this semester.  It has been helpful as a math teacher as I’m really understanding my students who struggle with math, as I am struggling with this class.

I’ve taken 502 and understand HTML and little programming, but this Java and the program we are using does not make sense to me.  As the other students are becoming more and more creative in what they make each week, I am still very basic and only changing the most minimal aspects of the program.  Trust me, I am trying.  I try new things, have aspirations of what I want my program to do, but it just doesn’t work out correctly.

This week we made an app that uses the GPS within the phone to locate locations on a map.  The app stores a location of choice and then can take the user back to that location using a map.  This app would work great for when the user parks in a large parking lot, or wants to find a particular store, etc.  I was hoping to include a button that allows the user to choose what it is he/she is storing or wanting to locate.  However, I couldn’t figure out how to make the listpicker work correctly.  I just wanting the program to display the chose chosen within the listpicker.  It just wouldn’t work for me.  I thought it was so basic, yet I ran out of time in debugging and figuring out what I needed to chance within the program.

One thing I added was a reset button.  The program stores a location and I wanted to user to have the option to start fresh.  The app itself looks pretty boring.  I chanced the color but did not want it to look busy or difficult to use so wanted it to stay pretty simple.

I’m starting to get nervous about our “final project.”  I still have no idea what app I want to make, AND I can’t do anything on my own yet.  I will keep thinking about a project and what would be helpful to me as a teacher or as a student.

Here is the QR code for my project this week.



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