Painting Pot wk 4

This week we created a background image and the ability to color all over the image.  I decided to pick a picture of a face that needed filling in.  It only have googly eyes and ears.  The nose, mouth and hair need to be added.  Then we picked out color buttons, wipe clean button, and big/small dot buttons, and camera button.

I started of by creating the big and small dot buttons but really thought they were worthless for what I wanted.  I created them but wanted the user to have thin or thick lines.  Since the dots didn’t allow this, and I didn’t take the time to figure this out, I chose to get rid of the dots all together.

The part I spent the most time on was creating a way to get back to the original picture, after using the camera.  The app allows the user to take a picture and then color on the picture that was taken.  This is really cool!  Except there wasn’t a way to get back to the original picture once the camera was used.  I played with this for a long time and tried all different “puzzle” connections that just wouldn’t do what I wanted.  I finally figured out one way to do it and am extremely happy about the whole thing!!!  The only problem is the very bottom of the screen has the person’s chin on it and I wish it would go away.  I’ve tried a few ideas with this, but do not have the time to keep playing around with it.

PaintI’ve very happy with the final project.  Here is the QR code to try it out!!!

Creating the app was pretty interesting and fun.  I’ve really enjoyed the problem solving aspect and trying new things.  Again, however, the hardest part of the week was figuring out how to upload the .apk file.  Last week, with tears and help I figured out how to put it into google docs to upload.  However, this week, google docs didn’t want anything to do with an .apk file.  I tried it several times before it finally worked.  I noticed a few people using dropbox.  Since I have this, I will try it next week.  It must work.  Hopefully it will be easier then google docs. We will see!!!

Creating the QR code was a cinch this week.  I learned it last week and was good to go this week.  My only problem now is that stinking .apk file.  Next week will be a different story I’m sure!


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