My Math App

This is our first week in creating our app all on our own.  I  have had many anxieties on this project but am feeling alright at the moment.  This this week was just the component designer, I think I did alright.  The component designer is the part of programming that designs the look of the app.  So I have not started on actually making the app work yet, just on what the app will look like.

My app does simple daily math.  It’s a great app for people who struggle doing the daily math that we find ourselves having to figure out or estimating because we don’t want to actually do the math.  For instance, figuring out miles per gallon on a vehicle, or the sales price of an interesting item, and also figuring out the tip for a server.  All these math skills are used all the time and many people struggle figuring them out correctly.

Once a user opens up my app, the start screen allows the user to pick of the the three different math options, mi/gal, tip, sales price.  Once the user picks the option of their choice, the next screen has the user put in the data needed to figure out the problem.  When the data is put into the text boxes, the app will figure out and give the answer the user is looking for.

This class in suppose to have an educational connection so I’ve included the math behind the app.  Once the user goes to the page of his/her choice, the app shows the user how the math works.  I’m hoping this is enough “educational” connection as I’m really excited about the app I’m making, so are several of my mathematically challenged friends.

The one aspect I haven’t figured out yet is the name of my app.  I can’t keep calling it my math app or no one will be interested in it except those who love math.  And they won’t need it.  I need to get my creative feelers out and find a good, fun name for this app.

The look of my app is very simple.  I didn’t want to get too crazy with the look.  I wanted it to look clean and crisp, easy to use.  I kept with white as the background and used different colors and fonts to bring out some interest level.  One concern I have is that there is too much text.  I hope it isn’t a turn off with the amount of text that is on it.  I used Fireworks to bring the text more interest, but I don’t know if it works or not.  I need some feedback to figure that out.

It has been a crazy, busy week this week.  I’m glad I was able to finish on time.  I sat in this chair the entire day on Saturday with so many changes and trying to figure out what look I wanted. I know next week will be stressful trying to get it to work.   We’re going with positive though so we won’t talk about next week.



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