Mole Masher

This was a week that lacked creativity on my part.  I just couldn’t get into it.  I kept trying to think of ways to do my own thing, but I couldn’t come up with much.  As I looked at other students in my class, they were full of creativity.  Some of the projects this week turned out wonderfully.  Mine isn’t bad, just simple and nothing exciting.

This week we were to create our first game.  It’s the mole masher.  Instead of using a mole, I changed graphics and used a cartoon zebra.  I couldn’t come up with a great background so decided to make the zebra hard to find in a background that is very busy.  I like all the colors it brings to the screen.  I also included a little title at the top of the screen and a noise if the user mashes the zebra.

I was really hoping for a noise if the user misses, but couldn’t figure it out.  I ran out of time to play around with it.  I also was feeling a lack of brain power this week so didn’t want to waste my time sitting and staring at computer screen.

I still learned quite a bit and see improvement in my skills, even though I wasn’t on my A game mentally.

Here is the molemashQR code to check out my work.  Enjoy.



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