Math Quiz

This week we learned how to make a quiz on our adroid devices.  The original quiz is a quiz over presidential information.  I changed all the questions to have to do with graphing.  I also changed the images to match my questions and added one more question then what the program had.  I didn’t make any huge changes to the app in terms of how it runs.  However, I’m feeling more and more comfortable with understanding the way to use blocks and what is being done when a block is used.

Being able to start a program on my own is still beyond my capabilities at this point, but I can comprehend what is being done when I am working myself through the chapter and creating a new app.

I’m thinking I will make an app for people to help with daily math challenges.  I’m excited about my ideas and have been thinking about how it will work and what all I want to add.  So far I’m thinking I will have way to figure out the amount to tip a server, find miles per gallon on a car, figure out the sales price of an interested item, and I want at least one more if not a few more things to figure out.  We’ll see.

This week was a good week.  I’m happy with what I’ve made, and happy with how easy it went.  I’m not creative enough to add a whole lot of different aspects to my app but am comfortable with what I am creating.

Here’s my QR code to check out my app.



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