Ladybug Chase

This week we made a game that uses a timer and the motion of the phone.  The original game includes a ladybug (user), and aphid (energy) and a frog (bad guy).  It’s the ladybug’s job to keep eating aphids to stay alive while avoiding the frog that is trying to eat him.

I changed my game up by making a dog chase a cat who is chasing a mouse.  The game was fun to create.  I really feel like I’m starting to catch on in using this blocks editor program.  Since the beginning of the semester I’ve felt like I’ve been forced to speak a foreign language.  I’ve been drowning in information that is beyond my comprehension.  Yet this week, I’ve started to understand somethings.  I’m starting to understand what is needed and why.  There are still several aspects that I do not get.  However, it is getting better.

Here is my QR code to give it a try!



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