Jaime’s Eateries

This week we were to create a tour.  I decided to make a tour of some of the local eateries from my hometown,  I had to leave several out, so picked the restaurants that I enjoyed the most while I lived in The Dalles.

The project included making a list and when the user picks a location, the program takes the user to a map of the location.  Throughout the project, I didn’t have too many issues.  It was pretty self explanatory.  I really wanted my map to be zoomed in and struggled to get it to work correctly, but think I got it figured out.

I decided I wanted to go above and beyond by adding another list.  This list would allow the user to go to the websites of the restaurants of chose.  I created everything and was pretty excited about it until I couldn’t get “DataUri2” to work.  The program would not create a DataUri2 to work within my activity starter.  This was extremely frustrating.  I tried several other ideas to keep my original idea but nothing would work.  I finally decided I needed to finish the project so scrapped the whole idea and went with what was expected.

Here is the QR code to check out my finished project.



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