App From Scratch Idea

This week we gave our plan in creating our own personal app without a book, guidelines, or step-by-step procedures.  In the last several weeks we have made all kinds of different apps in preparing us for this moment.  We are to take what we’ve learned so far in our creations to make something on our own.

I had a really hard time deciding what on earth I wanted to do.  I definitely wanted to incorporate some kind of math in my app since I teach math every day and deal with students and adults that struggle with numbers and how they work.  When visiting with my husband about what I should do, he mentioned a program he wrote in college.  This program created different mixed drink recipes.

From the talk I had with Denny, we brainstormed together and decided that making an app with daily math would be very helpful.  There are all kinds of math problems people have the ability to do but either refuse to, because it involved math, or because the thought does not occur.  What I’m talking about is simple math computations that happen and are nice to know or have an app do for us.  For example, finding a vehicles miles per gallon, or finding the sales price on an item, or the amount to tip for a service.

These are the three different sections I am wanting to create in my app:  mi/gal, sales $, and tip amount.  These are all math problems that people use on a regular basis, or would benefit if an app helped with the math.

I’m actually getting pretty excited about creating this app.  I’ve been dreading the day of having to figure out what app I would create, but now that I have a vision and see the usefulness of it, I’m excited to get started in creating it.

I have an idea of how the mechanics will work, but haven’t decided what I want it to look like yet, colors, images, ect.  What I’ve thought of so far is with my bubbles.  The first bubble includes the face and the components of the app.  The second bubble groupings are about the behavior of the app.

Component-Designer_yfx8xcs Behavior-Flowchart_yfx9cuu


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