Mod 7: Evaluation

Evaluation is usually considered as the last phase in ADDIE process model but it is never the end of an ID project. Smith and Ragan specified two separate points in the instructional development process that evaluation occurs: during the development process (Formative Evaluation) and after the materials have been implemented (Summative Evaluation). As “Implementation” is not in the scope of our ID project in this course, we will be focusing mainly on planning and conducting Formative Evaluation as part of your project.

In this discussion, you will share you plan on conducting different types of Formative Evaluation on your instructional materials. Before you work on creating your posts, please read Chapter 17 in S&R to obtain necessary declarative, conceptual, and procedural knowledge about different types of evaluation.

Initial Post (by 4/24 Thursday) –
Please include your most updated ID Project Description to provide a context for your peers.

(1) Use a paragraph or two to describe the process you would use to do “EACH” of the following types of evaluation on your instructional materials. Include key questions you would want answered at this stage, who would be involved, and so on. Be sure your plan clearly shows that you understand the reason for this kind of evaluation and the aspects of planning it.

  • One-to-One Evaluation
  • Small Group Evaluation
  • Field Trial

(2) You are required to actually perform an Expert Review Evaluation for the ID project. Take sometime now to plan and get feedback on the followings. In your post, please indicate

a. WHO the SME is and WHEN you expect to submit your design document and materials to the SME and receive feedback.

b. WHAT questions you will ask the expert about your instructional materials?



ARCS Table


I had some great feedback this week.  Some questions need to be fixed from either a yes/no and include a why/why not, or change around so an explanation is given.  It is always helpful to get good feedback from peers to learn and fix the project that is being created.

I’m feeling really good about where my project is going!  I’ve spoken to the teacher/librarian about editing my project and she is happy to help out.  So, getting her feedback this week will be wonderful.

Excited about finishing this up and having a finished produce soon.



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